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We are now taking orders for the RiverRatLife Tank Tops (these will be Anvil 6.1oz, Hanes Beefy T's are not made in a tank top)....Check the Order form page for Tshirts and Baby Dolls that are in stock ready for immediate shipping....otherewise...we will placing a re-order with the Tank Tops....


Here's the actual Shirt.....Hanes Beefy T

The shirts are $13.00 for S - XL's, $15.00 for XXL's, $16.00 for XXXL's, $17.00 for XXXXL's. 'Baby Doll Tees' (S,M and L) are $13.00. Pricing for the Tank Tops is the same as the Regular Tees. Pricing for Mugs is 1 for $3.00, 2-$5.00, 12-$27.00, 24-$48.00.

For Shipping of orders for both Shirts and Mugs, Please submit your order and we will let you know the combined shipping charges.

Shipping for Shirts only will be $4.00 ($8.00 for Canada, sorry...) for the 1st shirt and $1.00 ($2.00) for each extra shirt ((ie. 3 S-XL shirts shipped would be $45.00 (3x$13.00, +$6.00 shipping), $51.00 (3x$13.00, + $12.00 shipping to Canada). Shipping for Mugs only will be $6.00 ($12.00 for Canada) for up to 6 mugs, $8.00 ($16.00 for Canada) for 7 - 12 Mugs. For quantities over 12, please email us. For shipping to places other than the US or Canada, send an email to PartyCat@RiverRatLife.com for shipping charges.

Important !!!  You MUST fill out an Order Form (1), Then Pay via PayPal (2). If you can't pay via PayPal, send an email to PartyCat@RiverRatLife.com regarding alternate payment methods.

Shipping !!! We will be shipping via USPS

This page will be updated daily with quantities and confirmation of payment.

Thanks !!!



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To update info, please send it to PartyCat@RiverRatLife.com

Last Updated: May 22, 2005 7:10 AM